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My '97 hit 100,000mi today, will it make it to 150K, 175K, or 200K? Details provided.

I bought my ’97 Boxster recently with 96,000mi and yesterday hit the 100,000mi mark. While I realize there are no guarantees and it is impossible to predict, I was hoping to get some informed guesses on the chances (percentage) of this car making it (without catastrophic failure) to 150,000, 175,000, or 200,000 miles. I am providing relevant information (past, present, and future). I can’t think of a better group that would have insight into how Boxsters age/fail and provide the most informed opinions.

- Purchased with 96,000mi
- Car was one of the first 1000 made, and in Germany
- Three prior owners each around the same duration (New York, California, and Arizona)
- No major gaps in use, averaged 3,000-6,000mi per year
- Rear main seal replaced under warrantee early in its life
-No evidence of engine or transmission replacement
- Zero overrevs logged
- Total hours around 3,100, at the 97,000mi mark
- Engine oil changed every 1,500 to 2,500mi for most of its life
- Water pump replaced
- Original AOS
- I am fairly certain IMSB has not been replaced

- After 3,000 miles, oil level (based on dash) has not dropped a single bar
- Mileage is consistently 25-27 MPG, mostly highway driving
- According to my experience mechanic, that has built many spec Boxsters, “it pulls very strong”
- Value train noise at start up. Louder and last longer (always less than 1 second) when the car has not been driven for more than a day.
- No other engine noises while driving
- NO leaks
- Transmission has a moderate “grind” going into 3rd under hard acceleration and at higher RPMs. Being very deliberate I can avoid it when shifting below 5K RPM.
- Transaxle fluid changed at 97,000mi. Mechanic said “it was gross, lots of brass….” Shifts better but still grinds into 3rd unless I am very careful

- I live in Arizona and will drive year around
- Continued daily driver, 4-5 days a week, 50 miles a day, mostly highway with little traffic. Slide around a few turns and try to hit 6K at least a few times a day….
- Using Mobil 1, but will change to some “better” soon and change every 5-6K mi
- Given clutch is fresh (likely replace around 75-80K mi), I have no plans to change the IMSB. I am easy on clutches and would expect it to last until close to 200k
- Keep stock, no major modifications
- I will reasonable perform preventative maintenance and repairs as needed but do not expect to go through the book of projects.
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