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Originally Posted by MNBoxster
If you park the Car for an extended period, the Clutch/Gearshift Mechanism can sieze. It's usually a lot more work to disengage a stuck Clutch/ Linkage than it is to engage it if it siezes.

Hmmm.... I am not sure if you have rebuilt a clutch or manual gear box before. The above does not makes much sense. ..and no punch intended. Sorry.

The clutch (clutch plate) is always engaged either you are in neutral or in gears. The only time the clutch is disengaged is when you depress the clutch pedal. Therefore, this is no chance to increase the seizes that you are talking about.

Originally Posted by MNBoxster
Add to this, if parked on the street and left in gear, should someone hit you, even slightly, it can damage the Clutch and/or Linkage even though it may not effect the bodywork too much, especially with Urethane Bumpers.

Have you seen any damage directly resulted from this practice? I would like to know.

Clutch and gearbox are probably the strongest components in a vehicle. They have to be because they have to handle the torque generated by the engine. If another vehicle hits your car hard, the traction of your tires will break before it will damage your tranny. If it indeed damages your tranny, I guess you have more things to worry about than tranny. I hope this will clear up somewhat.

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