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Cocked up my first oil change

So here it is. Bought my first Porsche, 2000 Boxster S (3.2L) and am thrilled about it. The first task -- do the oil and check for any metal. Ordered by expensive Redline 5W 40 and all the right filters and crush rings. Followed the instructions I could find and felt pretty good about it. No metal -- so that's great news.

The problem is that I believe I overfilled it. At first I thought I UNDER-filled it as it only took 8.5 litres (like an idiot I didn't check earlier as it should take 9.5). After doing a bunch of WTF searches afterward, is that I'm realizing is that the likely issue is that I used 2 ramps at the rear, as I did with my prior cars without an issue. This likely means that not all the oil drained out. I am learning of course that with the Boxster everything is just plain different.

THE STATUS - The digital gauge says it is overfilled. The dipstick seems to say its OK. White smoke at start up. I've searched the forum and now know about the AOS and oil foaming issues that can result from overfill. The good news is that prior driver never really drove it much and the last oil change was not long ago (last fall) as it was incredibly clean so it is probably still pretty good oil.


A. Drain out all my expensive Redline oil and redo it all over again.
B. Perhaps remove the oil filter and reinstall, to allow 1/2 to 1 litres flow out and test for level.

There may be other options? Any thoughts or advice on the best course would be greatly appreciated. Feeling pretty stupid at the moment.


Silver/Black 2000 Boxster S
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