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Originally Posted by faterikcartman
I could have sworn the manual for my new 987 says to start the car and drive immediately without letting it sit and idle.

Yes it does say that and being a Porsche I thought the intstructions would be a little more detailed. EVery other car on the market has those same instructions!! yet I don't know anyone who would ever do that in freezing temps.
Cold engine starts are a cause of engine wear no debating that.
When its real cold I try to let it sit until the temp is up to at least 180 which might take at least five minutes when outside temps drop below 32.

I think they tell you to drive off because if every car manufacturer told owners to let it warm up for three minutes there would propbably be an enviromental law suit. Just think about the amount of oil is consumed everyday in this country from owners just starting up their cars, sitting in traffic, sitting at red lights, drive-thru fast food eateries....
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