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Originally Posted by AKnowles View Post
Steve, If I ever find a 4 stalk to replace my 3 stalk I'll let you know. I already have the OBC activated, just want the OEM look and feel of using the 4 stalk rather than buttons on the dash.

Mountainman, the OBC requires prior activation or PST2 (not sure if the Durametric can do it, but maybe) to activate the PST2. Then there are several ways to get it to change functions. There are several articles on the "OBC Hack" you can Google.
Great, My neighbor has an 04 boxster S with no computer and the 3 stalk unit and would really like to have the obc. I just got a durametric pro, so maybe we can figure out what we have to get to do it. thanks for the info
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