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I think it would be a wash over selling it as is. Donor 2.5's will probably go for peanuts then, what are they at now $7K? Used suspension parts are dicey sale for the buyer so you'll get a fraction of the price you payed. The other things could fetch some dough but not enough to make it profitable over selling the car intact.
Also, I think if the car is well kept, both paint and mechanicals, you might get an interested buyer who doesn't want to go through the hassle of doing all that you've already done. Sorta like people who don't want to buy fixer upper houses.
Not saying a turn key type buyer will offer top dollar but just enough to make parting it out a waste of your time.

Also, I was trying to source an 03-04 soft top and place that buys the front-end wrecks. I was surprised to see that they were selling the cars to dismantlers for as little as $2,500. Meanwhile they'll charge you $1700retail for the used top alone. Only problem is selling the whole parted out car could take a long while...
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