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Thew car has 4 jacking points ...

Originally Posted by lurky View Post
I have a 2007 boxster.
I have avoided changing the tires myself, but now I have to switch a rear tire.
I have several jacks and I even bought a hockey puck looking thing that sits on the jack and protects the underside of the car, what I donít know are the safe-spots on the underside of the car. I donít have a manual, can anyone point me to a diagram showing where to jack the car?

... located just behind the front wheels and just ahead of the rears about 4" from the edge of the skits.
If you get on your knees you will clearly see them. They are reinforced points that can support the weight of the car.
Do not put your jack on any other point on the body since the weight will crush the panel.

BTW, here's your Owner's Manual:

The information on lifting the car is on pages 258 and 259 of the manual.

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