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Originally Posted by AKnowles View Post
Well, having my water pump fail has lead to my wife understanding why I want a second car. I actually managed to get it all back together, but the original coolant seems to be Prestone (green) antifreeze with a lot of dark sediment in it. So, it's going to take several flushes to get it cleaned out and some time to get the hose replacements in hand. I'm going to replace all the engine hoses this weekend, so my wife will be driving me to and from work. I'll be replacing all the front hoses when I install the thrid radiator later this summer/fall. It can hit 120 ~ 130 out here int eh summer so I may wait for it to get cooler.

So, I'll be looking for a reasonably priced early model 911. Something around 15K or less is my goal, but as always that too is flexible. I'd really like to find a 10K buy like thstone (lucky, lucky, lucky). I haven't decided on an air cooled or water cooled model, but am leaning toward the eary 98 ~ 2004 models. Mostly because I already have a PST2 that can be used with these models and I like the later model creature comforts. But since I don't know a lot about the air cooled models other than I like the body style more than the early model water cooled 911, I thought I'd ask for some opinions and pointers to look for int he air cooled/water cooled 911s.

If you have something to share, please do.


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