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Since it was originally a lease vehicle, the auction was most likely a dealer auction. The first "offered for sale" is most likely the dealer who bought it at auction putting it on the lot. The second one should be the guy who wants to sell it to you.

Overall, it looks like the first owner (lessee) was anal about the service. Suspension service is a normal thing when doing an oil change at a dealer. They check everything out and lube if necessary. The second owner was not as nuts about the service. I would ask for receipts for the last oil change service since to see if it was back in 2003. That's a concern as the oil needs to be changed every year if the mileage is not high enough to warrant a change since it starts to become acidic from sitting in the engine. One good thing is in Virginia they are required to go through a mechanical test as well as the emmissions test so it has to be maintained pretty well, but it still needs a full PPI before you consider buying it.
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