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Carfax History question

I found a Boxster that I might be interested in (well actually its my second choice, my first choice everyone here said was to expensive), and just pulled up a carfax on it. It shows some things that concern me
1) From 6/2000 @ 9,000 miles to 2/2002 @ 20,000 miles there is a vehicle service record about every 2,000 miles and it mentions suspension system serviced almost every time. It was then sold at 24,000 miles. There is 1 service record showing for the second owner on 9/2003 @28,000 miles

2) It was titled on 6/2003 to a new owner and then retitled again on 12/2003 and then 11/2004. Twice in Alexandria VA and once in Arlington VA. But it only has 2 owners on record. Is this strange?

3) This car lists it as "Vehicle Offered for sale" on 10/2005 What does that mean?

Now compare this to the original car I looked at which shows only 1 title change and just a services record every year which I assume is the inspection. I should mention that this car is a PA car and the other one (with all the records) is from NJ/VA

Are all those service records a red flag? Why does one have so many items in its history when the other one doesn't?
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