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Well I am back from the Hwy 1 cruise, here are some of the best shots. Will not bore you with the beutiful clear sky ocean shots, but rather a spooky experience I had at the James Dean memorial at Cholame!!!

Weather was just great, no clouds and temps in the low 70!

Here are the descriptions of the pics:

Pic 1: The intersection where James Dean died (RIP) in the Porsche Spyder.

Pic2: This is the spooky one, if you look hard enough my read spoiler is raised? It did it automaticly when I parked. dont know if James Dean presence was felt or if my car was just happy to be there?

Pic3: Same shot as 2, but with the "Jack Ranch Cafe" in the background where James Dean bought his last lunch.

Pic4: This is Cayucos and the road is Hwy 1, my top is up cause there were some "Surfer type dudes" with Bob Marley hair hanging out in front.

Pic5: Woke up this morning Jan 8, and noticed this insecure vette parked next to me? Wadda he think, he'd going to get cuties from a Porsche?

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