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Originally Posted by Ckrikos View Post
A carbon top for 3500 would be great. What do you expect the interior finish to be like? Is the trunk accessible. Yours looks much better than the zein top.
Thanks for all of the feedback guys.

At the moment, I think this top will only be practical price-wise as a race unit. It is all one piece, and needs to be completely removed for maintenance or rear trunk access. The inside finish is composite fiberglass and does not have any upholstery.

To make this a street car part, the mold would need to be severely modified, more frames added, sound proofing, glass windows, door seals, a completely new shape around the windows to match the Boxster window shape instead of 996 etc. The price of the top would exceed the value of the cars it is made for, and that just isn't very practical for the manufacture or the consumer.

As a race unit, I hope we get the molds worked up and could get something production ready by the fall. We could get it sorted with a list of other body kit components for racing usage such as the doors, windows, roof, fenders, rear fender flares, rear wing and uprights, bumpers, side skirts, hood, headlight covers, and splitters. One of our next projects is a flat floor and possible diffuser set-up.
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