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Originally Posted by wild1poet2
What I am curious about is what people have topped out at and how the car feels at those speeds.
I've had it up to 140 mph top down and 151mph with the top up. Neither was that scary because the car is just so planted at those speeds. You can tell the spoiler is doing it's job. 140mph with the top down feels like driving through a tornado. That's the only way to describe it. I have a wind screen but at that speed it doesn't do much good. The wind roar is deafening. 150 with the top up is much more subdued. It feels like a coupe. At those speeds tunnel vision starts kicking in and you start looking about a half mile down the road because the pavement and surrounds start to blurr. The car was still pulling steadily at 150mph but I got out of the throttle because I didn't want to die. Porsche says my car is good for 164mph but I doubt I will ever see that speed. 150mph is definatley an andrenaline rush. I highly recammend it, but only if the driving conditions are conducive to such speeds.
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