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Originally Posted by kris07 View Post
Hi Guys, I need some advice on this.

This is where it my purchase is at the moment.

2000 Boxster S, Manual 39000 miles (8 stamps on service history, porsche dealer/specialist stamps only, last at 38290 miles). So approx 1200 miles unaccounted for.

I have paid a very small downpayment. The car is in impeccable cosmetic condition.

Tomorrow I am supposed to collect the car with MOT and pre delivery inspection done, 12 months warranty from Customer Protect Gold policy (which I think is useless, companies never honour these things)

Porsche dealership have said earliest that they can do the PPI and I can get the results would be on Monday.

I spoke to the dealer, he said I didnt know you wanted to do a PPI but I wish I knew and I wouldnt have taken the deposit. The reason he said is, he has other buyers and could easily sell off the car over the weekend. I understand this as well, the car for the price could easily go and I have had a few cars with almost double the miles snatched up in a matter of 1-2 days after being on Autotrader.

I will be paying $13,281 for the car. It also comes with the hardtop match color for winter. It has Porsche manuals and all repair records, MOTs and invoices. For this price I get the 12 month warranty as well.

What should I do? Insist on PPI?
I say go for it.

1) the car has all the records, and you have the warranty. In my opinion (which is worth nothing mind you) is that you should be ok. Get the PPI, after purchase and if they discover something terribly wrong you have the warranty cover it, or...

2) you have the PPI, find a problem you don't want to deal with, then you could put it on Autotrader and have it "snatched up" in a matter of 1-2 days. You could even sell it for enough to cover expenses.

OR, after the PPI you find the car is in as good of condition as you thought and you got a good deal on a S. Then you get to experience the joy of "perma-grin"
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