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Originally Posted by kris07 View Post
Considering the overwhelming advice.. I think I will wait on the right S model instead of settling for the base.
Kris. I was in your shoes 2yrs ago after I sold my motorbike. The way I looked at it was not so much engine size but more condition and previous owners/service history.
I spent weeks trolling the usual places and ended up sending a friend to look at one near Windsor(London) i live in Scotland. He said it was mint and it was, Black with Red leather plus a pair of speedster humps!. One owner, FPSH etc. It was a 2.7 with 56k and for me plenty fast enough.
These cars are not about max speed, it's the handling where they are so much fun and 220hp is enough I think.
Got mine out of storage today, got it MOT'd, taxed and took it for a blast, they are brilliant.
Get the 2.7 if you like the look of it. I paid 8k for mine, I think 7k would buy the same car today.
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