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kris, that is a fairly significant difference in mileage - depending upon how you plan on using it, I would think it would be another couple or more years of driving before the base hits the mileage of the S. That being said, the S is a 2001 and may have the dual-row bearings (check the engine serial numbers that are listed elsewhere, even though they are not full-proof after the early 2000's). That would certainly be a factor in favour of the S, even though it has higher mileage. Remember, even with an LN upgraded bearing (or the solution, which is for single-row bearings), you can only replace a single row with a single row. Remember also that the failure rate on the double rows is less than 1% (even though the double-row equipeed cars are older) as opposed to 8-10% for the single rows.

Not sure of the options (or even standard equipment) on the British cars, but if the base is equipped with the optional 17 inch turbo twist rims and tires (equivalent to the S), the handling will be very close - turn in as not quite as precise, but also without quite as harsh a ride. Acceleration/top speed with be noticeably better with the S, however many (including me) find the base to be more than adequate (and more than enough to get me into trouble). Certainly it is a significant improvement (especially in terms of flexibility) over the 2.5.

As others have said, maintenance records and frequent oil changes are hugely important. I'm betting that the base has had oil changes yearly - and with only 53,000 miles, depending upon delivery date, that would be only about 5,000 miles a year. Much better than Porsche's original recommendation, but in line with what people (inlcuding LN Engineering) are now recommending.

Once you decided which you prefer, get a PPI with an oil change and have the mechanic cut open the oil filter for you to inspect for particles.

Good luck!

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