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I havent got a full test drive yet on both cars, that will be tomorrow but lots of 20-30MPH roads and top speed on motorways are 70mph here :-(

Unless I decide to take them out to Germany; to the Autobahn... :-)

I am trying to be as cold as possible but I am sure I am just not going to be level headed with the test drive tomorrow. All I ever am going to be is excited, so I doubt its going to help. I will probably come out none the wiser from both drives.

Just looking at the figures alone; what would be sound judgement? I know it sounds like a egg or chicken question, but I bet its a lot of fun for you guys who already own a boxster and know the pros/cons.

Thanks for the replies guys.. its metallic blue (both) and tan interior.. loving the combination and.. each time I think of inclining towards the S, I get worried about the problems that could creep up due to mileage.

Both are manual transmission.

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