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Well, I spent the better part of the day fixing my "clunk" sound in the back of the car.

On visual inspection with a flashlight, I could see the center bushings in the lower control arm were shot. I happened to have a couple of control arms on hand (got a killer deal on them and couldn't resist ... $22 each for rebuilds!)

This is the bushing that holds the trailing arm fork in place, and my track arms looked almost new and the poly bushings were good.

So I replaced both rear lower control arms, changed the oil, bled the brakes, and swapped out a melted brake wear sensor (odd) and took it for a drive.

No clunk now.

Apparently, when I replaced the "entire suspension" a couple of years ago I must not have replaced those lower control arms. My memory is getting worse and worse.

At any rate, for those of you lurking on this forum thinking you'll pick up an inexpensive boxster with high mileage, and enjoy it, think again! These cars seem to wear out suspension parts far faster than say, a Toyota... even when they're not driven hard on a track. Go figure.
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