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996 front end conversion - Hooking up the Headlights

Hi guys,

I recently changed the front end of my 986 to a 996. Everything is done except for the lights which need hooking up.

Of course the harness on my 986 (6 pin connector) doesn't fit the new headlights (these are 12 pins and require a larger 996 harness). I should add that the 996 lights are the Halogen version, not the litronic ones which have the washer, but also a different wiring arrangement than its halogen sibling.
Anyway, sticking with 996 Halogens it looks like the wiring is similar to my loom on the car however the wire sheaths all have different colours.

So my Question is, does any one have experience of pairing a 996 harness & 3" of loom to a 986 loom? and what I really need to know is which wire pairs with which (given the differences in colour).

I'd really appreciate it if anyone can point me in the right direction as I wouldn't want to get my wires crossed (excuse the pun).

I've uploaded a pic of the 996 harness & my current 986 harness which will be cut.

996 harness & loom:

986 harness & loom:

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