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Originally Posted by don330 View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm planning on moving to Los Angeles this summer and with that, I've decided to have my boxster shipped. I've never dealt with car shipping companies before and I was wondering if anyone had been in this situation before and had a positive outcome with a good shipping service. Since my car will be traveling from the east coast to the west, I want to know my car will be safe, but I also want the best/lowest rates. I've been doing my own research as well but any recommendations would be awesome. Thanks in advance!
Many moons ago I used Los Angeles Auto Shipping, but I shipped a car FROM L.A. to Boston. Their rates were pretty good, and the car arrived just as it left.

You are missing the best opportunity ever though. Summer road trip in the Boxster across country...drool....Of course for the price of airfare and gas I could always drive it one way for you.
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