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"Does yours come with the pre cert warranty? if not ask them to place it, costs the dealer much less than you buying seperate ins."

Not much is a relative term of course. It costs the Porsche Dealer $1500 out of pocket to buy the warranty AND they incur the cost of inspecting the car and bringing it up to Porsche spec.

That latter part can be very expensive indeed, as Porsche spec for the extended warranty is a high bar indeed. Perhaps new tires, brakes etc.

Assume that for the average Porsche, the overall average cost is about $2500-3000, which is about in line for many aftermarket warranties.

However, the Porsche EW is the better deal for the buyer.

All the above means that most dealers will not "sell" you the Porsche extended warranty for $1500. Moreover, depending on the car's age and miles, it may not qualify anyway!

Good luck.
Rich Belloff

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