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Diagnosing a "clunk" in the right rear

I'm headed off to a DE at the end of the month and I'd really like to find and replace whatever is making a clunking sound when I drive over uneven pavement or through a pothole.

I replaced the entire suspension and wheel bearings on the car 3 years ago with factory parts and I've only put about 7,500 miles on the car, although it has been to the track 3-4 times in those 3 years. Additionally, about six months ago I replaced the front motor mount thinking that might be part of the problem (which wasn't all that worn out, believe it or not).

What's the fastest way to determine what's worn out and making noise without removing parts to inspect them or guessing what might be wrong and replacing it when it may not need replacement?

I thought of putting the back of the car on ramps and going under it with a rubber mallet and tapping away to see if I could hear something. Do you think that might isolate the area in need of work?

BTW - Before you reply, I fully realize that the trailing arms create this clucking sound, so I don't need a reply with "change your trailing arm". What I'm looking for here is how the suspension can be inspected, not diagnosed without examining the car. Thanks!
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