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Originally Posted by rondocap View Post
I think that someone summarized it well - it can be both.

I drove a few Caymans, and they feel almost exactly like the Boxster with the top up. I was not able to tell too much of a difference - so why not just get a Boxster?
Just had mine out for the first time this season. It is such a great little car. The 986 really fits like a worn first basemen's glove. I've tried and struggled to get the same feeling in the newer models.

Haven't driven a Cayman, but I would surmise that having the extra airspace inside is really nice in comparison with a top up Boxster. The clear engine cover would be cool as well. I wouldn't mind adding the new Cayman S to the stable. The wife would absolutely love the Boxster for a daily driver, 6-speed and all.

Having said that, the Boxster satisfies the motorcycle enthusiast in me which I never thought could be replaced. Go figure, go Boxster.
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