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You don't have to take it off the jack stands. In fact, don't. Just leave it up in the air.

Take the axle nuts off. If I remember right, they're over 300 lbs-ft so either be ready with a long cheater bar or get an impact. Lowes sells an electric impact for about $100. Its worth it and you'll find yourself using it all the time.

After you get the axle nut off, remove the allen screws up next to the transmission. BTW, because of the angle of the axle, the allen screws toward the back of the flange and more accessible. You can remove those two, rotate the axle until a couple more are in that position, remove those, etc until its done.

You do have to drop the exhaust to remove the axles. With the muffler out, the only thing holding the exhaust in place are the header bolts. Pull those guys out and drop the exhaust. The axle should come right out.
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