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Success! I didn't think there was any way possible for that to work. That clamp looked like it was very comfortable there, but my will overcame it. Thanks all.

Now I got another question...of course...

Any trick to getting the axles out? I started this project using the 101 tips book and they said nothing about completely removing the axles, so obviously, it's already in the air. It appears I should be able to just disconnect them from the trans and cover them up and move them out of the way.

My questions are, do I have to completely remove them and what tool is used? I don't have a good Allen wrench set and the way the boot is on there, it does not look like it's going to be easy to get a wrench in there. If someone knows what size, I can get an Allen wrench dealy thing that I can put on a ratchet with an extension and it looks like that may work. Just don't know what size to buy.

Answered one question from Pelican site. Size 8. I'll imagine that is in mm. Now do I have to drop my car off the jackstands or not?

Crap. It won't let me edit the thread title.
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