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About to make the jump - help needed!

Hello Everyone!

I've been doing research on the Boxster for about 2 months now - it's always been a dream car for me. While conducting my research I learned about the rear main seal leak, and it scares me. I already own a 325xi, which is under warranty; I'm not a fool and I expect any luxury sports car to cost extra when it comes to maintenance. However it seems that the Boxsters are perhaps more trouble prone? (I certainly hope not, because I would really love to make the jump).

I'm looking at a 2000 Boxster S that's local (was originally an Orlando lease vehicle). I've inspected the car, and its mint, inside and out. It has 47000 miles on it, but looks babied. The dealership will take 25K for the car Wednesday. (I'm a little rushed for time here). The car has steptonic, the hifi audio, 18 inch wheels, and p zero's with about 85% tread left. The Boxster also has the original stamped floor mats, which look very clean, again pushing the point that the car was well taken care of. According to Carfax the vehicle is clean as possible and has a good maintenance record.

Upon my inspection I found that the car was not using Mobile 1 synthetic, but the oil was topped off and clean. Perhaps this is not a big concern as I caught the car on the day it arrived - prior to the dealership doing a full oil change.

Iíve spent about 15 hours looking through this and other forums, so Iím not just looking for answers without putting in any work myself. Iím fairly good when it comes to mechanics, and my father is an excellent mechanic albeit he isnít a Porsche expert (Old school Vetteís).

Iím just looking for general feedback. I know the car is a great performer, but would you be worried buying an 00 with near 50K on it? What about the main seal leakÖ how bad were the issues for the 00 model year?

Any help would be truly appreciated!
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