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Originally Posted by BYprodriver View Post
I suggest you test drive a 996 ASAP to see if you prefer it over another Boxster.
If you prefer the Boxster which many people do, formulate your strategy for buying your Box back from the Ins Co so you keep all your upgrades to install into the next car. I thinking Ins Co gives you $10K for your car & you buy it back for $1,K.
That's good advice. If you enjoy tracking the car it would be a no brainer IMO, Boxster, especially if you could pull / transfer any upgraded parts. If you want a little more cache, much more GT in nature, water cooled 911. If you want something relatively easy to work on, still track capable and likely to hold it's value, air cooled 911.

Like I said before, make the best of the situation and enjoy the hunt.......
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