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Got it out of storage today. Connected the battery, turned the key and it cranked for 4 seconds before the engine started. Let it idle for about 5 minutes as I reduced the air pressure in the tires, packed the cover away and reset the radio code. Drove it out of the garage and parked it for 10 minutes (talked to the storage owner), fired it up again and drove it easy to the Shell station. Filled up and then drove to to my friends garage (Indy P-Car shop) to make sure the tire pressure was correct. Drove it home and attached the battery charger and brought it from 65% to 100%. Unloaded the cover and tools and then closed up the frunk when the battery was charged. Took it out for a hour cruise this evening to get reaquanted with the Beepster ... man did I miss it. Suposed to be +9C tomorrow so it will get washed ...
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