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Originally Posted by Perfectlap View Post
^ the 981 software likes to lug the engine in automatic mode?
Close, but as soon as it feels it doesn't have enough torque to service medium throttle request it will shift down. It is the only part of PDK I don't like, if it is not in sport mode it will not drop gears quick enough to satisfy a little increase in throttle, it doesn't lug but it sort of just does nothing (which I guess one could call lugging). It reminds me of the Tips in that the driver needs to learn to modulate their foot pressure to control down shifts.
Don't get me wrong PDK is still really nice but with a lower torque engine like the 2.7 it can at times be a little sluggish. If I drive it with any authority like most would it is a total non-issue. The interesting thing is with my 986 manual it is always driven with authority, for me getting a PDK was like being back in my Benz, I need to remember I’m in a Porsche and use the darn gas!
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