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Are their LN installation failures? Yes.

Are there a very very few unexplained LN failures that can't be attributed to installation or collateral damage? One or two out of perhaps 10k by now.

Are there a few LN bearings that have been taken out by the failure of another unconnected part failing and spewing metal through the engine that gets caught up in the LN bearing which is lubed with unfiltered oil? Yes, a few. (Why "The Solution" uses just filtered oil. And why all IMS failures aren't really caused by the IMS itself failing.)

Total for all causes around 1/10 of 1 % for LN last I checked versus 1% per car per year (my guestimate) for the OEM part (includes ones known to have failed and ones seen failing on removal).

So for the LN there are now thousands which have been driven several years, some over 50k miles. I think we are seeing some data that LN willingly shares to see the materials and lubrication method LN chose, while not perfect, are much better than the ones used in the cars from the factory. (Can you afford perfect?)

And LN recommends an inspection or replacement every 50k miles just to be safe.
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