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The Boxster (or any roadster) is often a life style change car, both buying and selling. I know mine were, buying I had retirement paid for and the kids thru grad school. Selling I was not using the car, 50 miles from a mechanic and nearing 70. But often it is new job, marriage, moving, etc that triggers either buying of selling. I doubt 50% of the buyers for used Boxsters know what a IMS is.

Cars fall into several categories:

'97-'99 and too old for most to be worth doing a $2k preventative action or the owners are too financially challenged.
'00-'05.5 and falling into that 3 models old situation, still worth something, most 3 owner cars and less than 10% have done anything to the IMS and 80% are still on the original.
'05.5-'08 with the newest IMS design, just saw my first not covered by warranty report this week. Thought to be better but then we really won't know for 5 more years when all are out of warranty and the cost of a rebuild drives many to the boneyard because the cost of a wreck AND an IMS makes repair uneconomical.
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