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Originally Posted by 1olddude View Post
Is there any hard statistics to prove the LN bearing is any less prone to random failure than OEM? Have they been around long enough to really have an educated opinion or do we need more time?
Well LNE is a privately owned company so they are not required to disclose their stats anymore than Porsche never did. But LNE have posted many times on various Porsche forums that they've sold well over 10,000 retrofit bearings with only a handful going down to defeat and those few were mostly due to improper installation or failures on engines that were already compromised -- owner must have heard something funny and tried to make amends too late.
They also state that they've not had a single LNE dual row bearing go down. Given that this is not an easy DIY, I think professional insallation would keep the numbers of correctly installed LNE bearings pretty high.
My own mechanic told me he's done about 400 at his is small shop where they're not rushing cars in and out.

The other thing too is that these forums are pretty hard to control if you're selling snake oil. If lots of folks were having their LNE bearings go down you'd be hearing about it pretty quickly. I can't recall reading about a single one on 986forum, Renntech or Rennlist. But I have read about dozens of factory IMS failures.
Granted the size of water-cooled Porsche owners who post on these forums is a fraction of the total.
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