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Actually that number -- 4 to 8% --, estimated by the plaintiffs' lawyers via Porsche documents and not an estimate directly form Porsche NA, is just for the compromised failures that Porsche made somewhat good on.

It doesn't include the compromised IMSB's that Porsche did nothing about, presumably out of warranty cars that they offered no charity to. And if you consider that an undetermined number of those single row bearing cars sold were low mileage cars during the warranty period, then it stands to reason that the IMS failures will exceed that 4-8% figure once those former garage queens/low milers start taking on daily driving duties under 2nd, 3rd owners.

The real trick is to determine how many single row bearing cars have not had their IMSB's upgraded even after having the clutch replaced. Remember, the LNE bearing is a fairly new preventative option (probably still in the single digit % of all single row cars out there) and the revised M97 bearing that went into some m96 engines...who knows what's up with those, Porsche isn't talking.
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