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Originally Posted by Jaak View Post
I make sure the tires have proper pressure, battery has a charge and I basically just start it up. It may turn over a second or two longer, but it should start. I let it idle till it reaches temp to boil off any water in the oil. I then drive it a bit and try the brakes to make sure they grab and clean off any rust ... usually mine are not rusty. I then drive to the nearest prefered gas station to fill up. I take it easy for about an hour and then go for a cruise. By then the car should be up to par and has learned your driving habits (I disconnect the battery over winter). The next day I drive it a little harder (closer to my normal habit) and relearn what the car can do. Mine is a Tip ...
Sounds reasonable. But I'm surprised by the comment about the gas station. I would think one of the last things you'd do prior to putting the car in storage is fill the tank.
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