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rear window replacement

It's been a few years now that my rear window was foggy and yellowed.It was time to think of a solution.I found on the internet last year a company that sold the plastic windows for the Boxster and I went and ordered it.It stayed in the garage for a year till I decided to try replacing it.Once you start there is no turning back.So this year it was time.I cut every thread around the old window and was able to remove it with no damage so I used it as a blueprint to cut the new one the same size.I measured the center line and sewed the window at that point and did temporarily the four corners to hold everything in place.I started by hand sewing the top center.What a job.It took all my strength to pushed the needle through approximately the same holes as the old sewing.It is a slow process.It took me at least an hour to do 4 inches.I found a special thimble that helped push the needle without it going through my hand.I could still lower the top and drive the car so I did a bit here and there.Once the window sewed in I covered the thread with a flat piping that I glued to make it look cleaner.I am glad it is done.Is it perfect?No .Can I now see through?yes.Is it water proof?Yes.Would I do it again?Probably not.But I got a new window installed for $75.I have been trying to put a few pictures but to no avail.Can't seem to download them
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