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Originally Posted by JFP in PA View Post
Just be careful you don't end up with another "boat anchor, your engine:

This is out of a factory X51 engine that was switched to a lightweight flywheel, but without fully harmonically balancing the engine (the dual mass flywheel is the only harmonic dampener in the M96/97 engine).
OUCH! You sure KNOW how to hurt a guy!

Exactly why I went looking for a clutch with 4 springs, and to reduce the gear lash. Hopefully this will do it…at $357 - IF it works - it is a steal! And I will be driving it like it was stolen but that is a given.

Stephen, here is a link:

Brand New Genuine ZF Sachs Clutch Kit for Porsche Boxster S | eBay

JD, I will interested in JUST DRIVING it once it is off my garage floor!
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