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How Light is Your Flywheel+Clutch?

Samc asked how much the new Aasco lightweight flywheel tipped the scales at and how it compared to the stock weights, this should offer a comparison:

Lightweight Flywheel only - 13.0 lbs.
Lightweight Flywheel + New Sachs Clutch Assembly - 25.4 lbs. *
Stock Dual Mass Flywheel only - 26.5 lbs.
Stock Dual Mass Flywheel only + New Sachs Clutch Assembly - 38.8 lbs.
Lightweight Flywheel + New Sachs 4 Spring Clutch Assembly - 18.0 lbs. **

All I know is the stock FW and clutch were HEAVY! And my engine has to spin that up. Whereas, the LWFW and clutch…I had to check to make sure the clutch was in there! 13.4* to 20** pounds LESS may not seem like a lot, unless you're the engine! One went CLUNK on the scale and the other made a slight noise. I was even able to control it better!

The total weight for the 4 spring clutch AND housing, Throwout bearing, and spacers is only 6 pounds! And that is shipping weight! The 4 spring ZF Sachs clutch is for sale right now for only $357 - shipped! PM me for details.

So maybe you can have the BEST of BOTH worlds…AND the price is right!

Lighter is better AND the Aasco LWFW offers the ability to resurface (for around $100) instead of replacement, which is good. Anyone want an old flywheel?

Funny how all the HEAVY stuff ends up in my garage - now I have a couple boat anchors - flywheel & stock muffler. Now all I have to do is get my car back together and I'll let you know how it goes!
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