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Originally Posted by Wret View Post
I installed a short-shift kit over the weekend. I observed before getting everything back together that it was difficult to shift into reverse. The cable responsible for transferring the side to side motion was already at the full extension of adjustment (rearward) and more extension is needed. Before I hack the cable end to get more, I was wondering if the end-play set screws could be used to move the whole thing rearward, or is their only purpose to keep the shifter movement tight.

Here's the cable I'm talking about. The one in photo "C". See where they have the cable marked with what looks like an inch of adjustment space? Mine had no adjustment room when I took it apart.

The SSK will have a longer cable actuation end and it can contact the inside of the shifter housing when trying to go for reverse. I distinctly remember have to do my own adjustment with the cable to get reverse. Wish I could remember the exact steps
....didn't cut anything though. I have done a B+M and 997 SSK
00 986 S....with a few tweaks

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