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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
I have run the PSS9's on the street at all settings now. I think that the 9 available settings are more accurately three settings (1-3 = hard, 4-6 = med, 7-9 = soft). I can't tell any difference in between.

F/R soft gives nice ride quality on the street/freeways. Medium F/R is a nice compromise. Hard F/R is great on the track but a little stiff for a daily driver. It seems best to set the fronts where you like them (1, 4, or 7) and then go two numbers higher in the rear (3, 6, or 9).

Of course, your preferences might be different.
That certainly is a nice setup...I am in New England and would like to improve my current (stock) suspension. How does the ride of the PSS9's at the softest setting compare to a new M030 setup?

Obviously, you have already upgraded some of your other suspension parts. I am starting from stock and would like to restore the suspension to better than new. What is the mandatory hit list of parts?
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