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Suspension Coilover or M030, have to replace mine soon

So Got some new rotors slotted and drilled look amazing and seem good quality, but Looking at my suspension it seems that its in a state where it may be unsafe to drive anymore so I want opinions on suspension. I will post the pics tonight when i get a chance but it looks bad.

So I did do my search on the forum and found that the euro Row M030 lowers the car 22mm in the front and 10mm in the rear. So i know a few of you have this and want some feed back. On the other there are quite a few of you with adjustable coilovers. Which brand would be cheep and good?Also which one won't make my dash fall out from the stiffness. I mean I am young so a stiffer ride isn't terrible but I do have my limits.

I saw KW, D2 racing, Ksport, and Yellow DPS. They are all in the same money range as the M030. I don't think I could afford the Bilstein and H&R coilovers so those are out of the list.
Cheapest one I saw was the yellow DPS. Suggestions are appreciated.

I have 17" sport classics original won't be changing them for a while. I don't think I want to go too low but what are the general lowerings that you guys have.
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