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Originally Posted by AndyA6 View Post
Guys! This show is great! Forget the costs thing, it is more about entertainment and giving cars a 2nd life. And Edd is such a cool guy with serious skills. Good to watch, lots to learn, get inspired. Mike is fun as well!
Yeah, Edd China is my hero, this guy has some SERIOUS skills.
My theory is that these guys actually flip cars for real. So let's say they want to sell you a car that was NOT on the show, your thought process would be that
a) they did a pristine job in fixing the car
b) they don't make a lot of profit, meaning you get a really good price
And my thought is that THESE are the cars on which they REALLY make a profit.

There were some cars on the show where I felt they were seriously under priced, like for example the Bentley.
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