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Just heard back from the local dealership. They want $4985.

Just venting here. I'm semi-mechanically inclined. I can manage the clutch, but the after reading through the manual for the IMSB, that just seems a bit out of my technical skills. I've managed, through backyard mechanics and even school to stay away from the engine / throttle body. Everything else, brakes, suspension, ignition I can handle. I even rebuilt my transmission a couple times before (a couple times, because I wans't very good at it obviously), but extent of working with the engine or throttle body is turning the air filter cover lid upside down on my Chevy 350 when I was 17 years old.

I did my research before buying this car. I knew the clutch replacement was due, but everywhere I looked at, the cost would be about $1500. I was OK with that. Throw in the surprise IMSB and I expected to pay about $2500. Now knowing about the flywheel as well (maybe I didn't research as well as I should have) I'm expecting $3200. I'm going to hit up a couple more indie shops before I give this a shot myself and possibly get in over my head, but option C is selling the car minus the clutch, so I may as well give it a shot as I don't want to give up my first P-car just yet.
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