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So is this the secret decoder ring for IMS issues?

This is the list of VIN's that can make claims:

• Model year 2001 - 2005 Porsche Boxster vehicles manufactured with an IMS between May 4, 2001 and February 21, 2005 with VINs in the following ranges:

o WP0CA29851S620508 - WP0CA29831S620619

o WP0CB29811S660405 - WP0CB29801S660492

o WP0CA29821U625959 - WP0CA29891U627644

o WP0CB29861U664289 - WP0CB29841U665473

o WP0CA29892S620061 - WP0CA29802S620238

o WP0CA29832U620061 - WP0CA29892U626107

o WP0CB29802U660062 - WP0CB29892U664319

....etc., there's long list in the settlement details

What did they put into the Porsches whose VIN's aren't listed?
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