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Car won't start :(

So I got in Sunday, cleaned the snow off and moved it into the sun so the snow would melt off. I went out Monday morning for work and it wouldn't start. It didn't even sound like it was trying. A few times It almost turned over. I smell fuel from the tail pipe and I hear the pump humming, so I have fuel. Battery is brand new last year, I had it changed anyway because it was a little weak. I didn't have the means to check for spark. Not to mention I'm super weak, that battery felt like it was 100 pounds! I'm so sore from lifting it out.

Anyway had to have it towed to my indie Porsche shop today. I'm worried it's going to be something really really bad.

Extended info:
The oil meter was good Sunday, and wasn't today, like 4 bars, I know that cranking the starter made it drop down to 2 bars yesterday but I figured letting it sit would have let the oil meter to work properly.

No codes from my ODB2 adapter, no check engine light.

The starter was making the whirring sound after start up which as I have read is the bendix not disengaging from the flywheel.

Guys have any ideas before the shop calls back with the diagnosis?

Oh car info lol:
03 Boxster S
Tiptronic trans
~64k miles, I was just about to get it in for my 60k maintenance and oil change.
Car has been running brilliant since I got it in August. with about 58k miles.
It's my daily driver

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