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I didnt read the entire thread, but where I read the 10 year limitation indicated that the IMSB or engine repair must have occured before the car reached 10 service years and 138,000 miles.

For example my car is a 2002 and I just replaced the IMSB I am not eligible because the expense has been incurred more than 10 years after the car has been in service. Had I repaired the car last year I would be a class member. It appears that the judgement states if you got 10 years or 138,000 problem free miles then you are not getting anything, but if you repaired your car or experienced a failure within that period you are due compensation.

This is fair given car manufacturers typically extend warranty's to 100K miles or 7-10 years when a problem such as this is found. Honda did this for my 2001 Accord transmission (replaced 3x), the old BMW E46 M3 problem, and BMW 335 problem.
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