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Originally Posted by Perfectlap View Post
c'mon who doesn't love a surprise...

on a serious note, when you do detect those failures that you mention, how often is it cost effective to address them vs. punting for a replacement engine?
I ask because I have no idea how involved these sorts of repairs are to peform and I'm thinking of taking some preventative measures. I have no plans of ditching this car at this point.

Here we always address the issues. Its outside our faith to just swap in another engine, doing that is for those who lack the skills and proficiency to intervene internally.

Unlike most you'll experience we look forward to internal exploration and repair with these engines. I'd rather resurrect an engine after a failure (when it makes sense) as to create a reconstructed engine for the car, even though the latter is more lucrative.

We have fun with this stuff, which is the biggest key to being the best in the industry.

Anyway, ALWAYS carry out preventive measures. Proactive is always better than reactive.
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