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Originally Posted by Perfectlap View Post
Does the Guardian signal non-IMSB related metals that are potentially problematic (ie not normal engine wear)?
As in can malignant debris often be too small for detection like the benign?

just wondering if having the LN IMSB and the Guardian is overkill/redundant.
Absolutely, as long as the levels are high enough to be detected. Thus far the IMSG has detected failing camshafts, lifters, timing chains, rod bearings, main bearings and I am sure that it doesn't stop there. The IMSG monitors every ferro-magnetic wear component within the engine. This isn't limited to just the IMSB.

Jake, is a motor that has shed that much metal a candidate for an IMSB replacement, or does the motor have to be torn apart and rebuilt?
Thats a personal preference situation and will vary depending on who you ask....

That said, I know too much and have experienced these engines enough to check the entire engine for collateral damage before moving on with any resurrection after the loss of an IMSB. We are too proficient here not to take the engine apart. At this point I am fairly sure that Blake could assemble one blindfolded. Its a breeze after what we've been through, developed, experienced and applied.

Others will do everything possible to keep from disassembling the engine. They usually just waste more time and prolong the pain; the only way around the problem is straight through the middle of it.
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