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Purchased a 2003 Boxster base model back in April 2012 with a blown engine. Car had 52K miles, brand new clutch installed by Porsche dealership, new convertible top linkages, and new tires. Previous owner was done with the car and wasn't going to put another penny into it. Bought it for a decent price and I was willing to take on a project. The engine probably split a cylinder wall since the left exhaust manifold was full of coolant when I removed the exhaust to remove the engine. I haven't taken the time to disassemble and investigate yet. Just holding onto the engine for spare parts for now. Anyways, this is what I've done so far:

1) Installed a used engine with 30K, new water pump, LN IMS upgrade, IMS 160 thermostat, new rear crank seal, new spark plugs, new oil/air separator, KN drop in air filter, new expansion tank, and all new fluids.
2) Turn signal switch was broke, so I went ahead and installed new switch with cruise control and OBC controls. Recoded with Durametric and both functions now work.
3) Kids want to ride too! Installed SRS bar under passenger side seat and had dealership recode.
4) Radio was basic with dash speakers only. Installed Kenwood DNX9990HD double din unit (nav/bluetooth/etc.), JL amplifier, JL audio speakers in dash and doors now (I can actually hear the radio with top down now!). Bought a used BOSE subwoofer box and removed the Chinese BOSE speakers and installed JL 5.25's.
5) Sloppy shifter. Installed short shift kit-great improvement.
6) Poor night time illumination-Installed Chinese HID retrofit kits and jumped foglamp relay. No more problems seeing in the dark anymore, but annoying battery and oil pressure light comes on. Will be fixed in phase II though!

Phase II:

Just bought a 2002 996 C4S with a blown engine! Gonna remove front fenders, bumpers, Xenon headlamps, and update the look on my Boxster. With the install of the factory Litronics now, I can get rid of the dash warning lights! Also will be removing heated seats for the chilling morning Spring mornings with the top down. If you ask why I don't fix the 996, I want a convertible and I've sold the car for the same amount I paid for it and an agreement that I give him the old Boxster seats and body parts in exchange. The new owner just want to strip the 996 and track it anyways. So for the money, I won't have much invested into O.E. Litronics, updated front end, and heated seats!
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