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Originally Posted by Van914 View Post
I got my 00 S in October of 2012 with 46k. So far I've done the following:

New Sachs clutch
LN IMSB Retrofit
New Blilstein Sports
H&R Springs
TS Cat bypass for secondary cats
Ipod and Phone hook up
Schnell Short Shift Kit
Water Pump
CV Boots
Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter
Coolest tank
Repaired Drivers seat bolster ( new leather)
Spark Plugs and Tubes

Too much $ but I am looking forward the the spring!

Hey Van!!- recognized your name from the WORLD site- did you get rid of your 914, or just add a 986?

mine is a 2000S with 68,k miles bought from second owner- now has 74k miles, just returned from a trip to NYC from SC with my son to visit a couple grad schools longest trip with a 986 so far oh, and bought a hard top while passing thru D.C. on my way

Got my 986 10 months ago and within the first few weeks replaced the O/A sep, did the ignition upgrade, oil change, replaced the O2 sensor on right, and other than that just enjoing the car- P.O. had already done tires, brakes, CV boots and other O2's within 2k miles of my purchase-

now, on my short list however is new headers and cats- when i replaced the upstream O2 on right side the threads were stripped and rusted out bad, i had to re-thread it. it holds but i will have to replace these soon, so i am looking hard at the Maxspeed set up. (SS, 200cell sport cats etc)
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