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Most stuff was done when I got it, so far in my first year it's been:
Drove the car home from Bay Area at 67,xxxmi
Water Pump at 69,xxxmi
Oil Change at 70,xxxmi
Tires at 75,xxxmi
Passenger rear Control Arm, and Wheel Bearing at 76,xxxmi

To Do list:
Tire Rods scheduled for this week end, current mileage 77,xxxmi
I'll be reinstalling headers and getting ECU reflashed since I did the emissions inspection in July.
Need to get rear twists repainted after Jackwagons at Sears scratched them.
I did purchase a new spoiler from a forum member, waiting for a little warmer weather before painting and install.
2002 Boxster S with a few goodies, my 2nd Porsche.
1st was a 1966 912 hand me down from pops
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